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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately...

No matter if you are an artist, designer, musician, maker, etc. you will always find inspiration in what ever you do or where ever you go. It might be the way your creamer mixes with your coffee or a shade of paint on a random house you passed by today, or a magazine article you enjoyed in a waiting room. Little things like that make all the difference to a creative person so I decided to create a blog post with random things that either inspire my design aesthetic or just something I thought was really neat. *Hint hint: you might be seeing these influences in new items from Premier Amour so make sure to stay tuned! Here we go:

1. Going From Blouse to Blouse

Growing up I would see these beautiful Mexican women with their traditional Puebla blouses everywhere and as a kid I wanted one so badly (I also wanted a barking dog toy from the swap meet, but we'll save that childhood trauma for a later time hahaha.) These Mexican pin-ups were the epitome of tradition and style of the 20th century as they were painted by many artists, both national and international. But it was always that blouse, whether it was embroidered or it had tassels or pom-poms, that stuck in my mind and I hope to recreate soon. I mean, isn't it a great summer staple?

From my personal collection of postcards

A calendaria girl in all her glory

And of course, Maria Felix

2.Dulces Para La Dulce

Been craving some pan dulce lately, more like a concha, which is surprising since my go-to pan dulce has always been the niño envuelto (the pink one with jelly and coconut yum!)

Ummmmmmmm...I'll take it all...I'm sharing though (I'm not)

3. Good Mourning

I just recently found out these gorgeous Spanish felt hats are called Cordobes hats, named after the city Córdoba in Spain. Something about these hats give a sense of mystery and melancholy but I love it. It looks great in felt or lace or organza, but I'm leaning towards that lace one...

Debonnaire and dashing

I need this...does anyone have $880 they can's vintage

4. Get That Spanish Look

Spain and Mexico have some of the most beautiful traditional clothing in the world (well, I'm partially biased) because of all the history their cultures have and it's beautifully translated into their clothing. Gold, lace, cordings and trims, oh my!

Modern but clearly inspired by traditional garb

Mixing bright reds with black cording and details make this outfit iconically Spanish

Since the main religion in Spain is Catholic, you can see how much Catholic iconography is mixed in with Spanish fashion. Gold and silver crosses and rosaries, sacred hearts and more can be found on fashionable women on Sundays and here below on the runway at a Dolce and Gabbana runway show.

I'm a sucker for statement earrings

Lana Del Rey has been influenced by Spanish fashion and style as well, even mentioning it in her song Black Beauty "I dye my hair a darker shade of brown, Because you like your women Spanish, dark, strong and proud". Her photo shoot with L'Offciel has to be one of my favorites, along with this photo of her from the shoot...hmm time to dye my hair now too...

LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH. I can't even...No puedo lol

5. Look At The Sun, Look How It Shines For You

Earlier this year I discovered and finished watching Versailles. Why I hesistated for a while I don't know. As a a lover of period dramas I was disappointed with The Crown and felt this show would be the same but I was wrong! This show has opulence and violence and *cough cough* sexy times, but it was the fashion that really sucked me into the show.

Waiting for Season 2 like...

So when The Pink Collar Life launched their new Spring accessories and I saw these, I knew I had to have them right away. They always have the best vintage inspired accessories and happen to always be on trend. A few of their new items are inspired by the famous Sun King, including these gorgeous earrings. I'm thinking these will be one of my favorite accessories this summer.

Mine mine mine mine mine!

So that's some of my latest inspiration. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and check back for more blog posts.


♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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