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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately: May 2017

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back with another FTIML, which I think I'll make a monthly feature here on my blog. I love doing these kinds of posts because they give a bit of insight into what inspires my work and what catches my eye. With the new capsule Summer collection underway and already looking towards Fall's collection, blogging was left on the backburner a little bit but I'm back and ready to share what's been inspiring me as of late.

1. Walking Into Spiderwebs:

I know I'm not the only one right now who really misses Fall right now, and the yearning for crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice lattes can't be any realer. Fall/Halloweentime has to be one of my favorite times of year (I mean, my birthday is in the middle so go figure) and I can't help but get excited when I see Halloween merchandise start to trickle in. Of course, something that always tends to show up first are spiderwebs. Yes, those oh-so-iconic nylon spiderwebs you put up every year at your door, work desk, room, etc. are a sure sign Fall and Halloween are just around the corner.

Fresh is good, but you can always use store bought

But what about year round? I don't want to wear my spiderlicious clothing or accessories just for Halloween. No way! This brings me to my love of vintage fashion. Women would wear spiders and spiderwebbed items year round. Sweaters, blouses, earrings you name it they put a spiderweb on it. Because it really is such a waste to save all your spidery goodness just for the last months of the year.

The perfect spring accesory, am I right?

*Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of real spiders...there's a difference...I think.

2. So Shocking!

Speaking of creepy crawlies, the fabulous fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli helped to make things that weren't all that fashionable into a fashion statement. She dabbled in the surreal (thanks in part to the artist Salvador Dali) and made things like insect necklaces and wearing shoes as hats couture. Who else would have put a giant lobster on the side of a dress and still make it fashionable?

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Bring in the dancing lobster (dress)

Elsa Schiaparelli was definitely ahead of her time and I am happy to report her brand still goes on to this day with her spirit still reflected in new designs. You might just see a bit of her influence in some up and coming items hitting Premier Amour this Fall.


Classic Schiaparelli, meet new Schiaparelli

3. Come To The Dark Side (We Don't Have Candy...sorry)

Since I am in this weird Fall state of mind and a hot California summer on it's way, I decided to skip a whole season and just jump to those crisp Autumn days so very far away. I might be exaggerating a bit but what I mean is I skipped a season hair and makeup wise. Since my hair had different tones I decided to color it just one color: dark brown. I always tend to get the darkest shade of brown (by accident or fate, who knows) but I love how it turned out this time. I usually dye my hair a lot lighter this time of year but went with something darker. I also reordered one of my favorite shades of lipstick, red velvet, from my favorite brand Besamé Cosmetics. If you love vintage inspired makeup, definitely get it from them. Anyway, I love to pair my dark hair with a darker red shade of lipstick and go on with my day. It's my little homage to my favorite season that seriously needs to hurry up and get here already...le sigh.

Red lips, dark hair don't care...

4. Hump Dayyyy!

Lately I've been seeing many of my favorite pin-ups sporting some very rare but very lovely wicker animal purses. I've seen a whole managerie of different wicker animals, some vintage, some new, as an adorable show-stopper to these lovely ladies' outfits. Since there are only so many vintage wicker animal purses out there, many modern designers have gotten the hint and made new versions of the classic accesory. One of my favorite brands, Kate Spade, has made quite a few wicker bags (and adorable to boot too!) From lemons to peacocks, the brand's imaginative spin on these bags are nothing short of charming. Lately I have been obsessed with the Spice Things Up camel wicker purse because, well look at it:

Drooooooooling right now, brb

Tell me: who doesn't need a camel purse like this?! With its multi-colored tassels and delightful details, who wouldn't dream of having this in their closet. And at only $498 it's a steal...just kidding, it's a bit much for this savy shopper but it's definitely on my I-wish-I-was-rich wishlist hehehe.

5. All The Birds Sing Words And The Flowers Croon...

I tend to visit Disneyland more often now (thanks to my job) and there are so many things I still have to do or re-visit. Blue wall pics: check. Frozen at the Hyperion: check. Lunch at Carnation Cafe: check. Disneybounding: check. But there are a few things that I still need to do like visit Tom Sawyer's Island and go on the Disneyland Railroad, which have sadly been down for a year but hopefully will back this summer. But there is one attraction that has eluded me for quite some time now. I haven't seen it since I was a kid but I am really adament in seeing it on my next visit. If the title didn't give it away, it's the Enchanted Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. I can scarcely remember the show but I undoubtedly have to revisit it. This brings me to something I spotted (and immediately bought) at Downtown Disney. Disney made some Dapper Day inspired dresses and accessories to go with them, and I believe these came out with the Tiki Room dress:

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki room...

I mean, come on they are beyond adorable and can worn not just for Disney, but ALL DAY EVERYDAY. That's how excited I am about them. Also, because earrings are my favorite accessory (sorry not sorry brooches.)

And that's a wrap for this FTIML. Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time!

♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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