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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately: July 2017

Welcome back my lovely readers! Here's this month's FTIML (which I know is a little late but that's okay...right? Okay good.)

1. We Need To Talk...About Halloween:

Every single day we are closer and closer to the season of PSL's, crunchy leaves, and of course Halloween! The last four months of the year are my absolute favorite time of the year. You seriously cannot stop me from gushing about Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Halloween is a little closer so we'll just focus on that.

I mean, when else do you bring this conversation starter out if not for Halloween?

I'm not a big fan of the guts and gore aspect of Halloween, but I do love the creepy decorations on display in Halloween stores and houses down the street. In past years my dad and I would do a graveyard scene for Halloween, dripping with spiders and vampire heads and skulls. For the past couple of years, we've changed it up and went with a more nostaglic look, with some adorable blow molds, purple lights, and traditional jack-o-laterns. This change of sorts has also reflected itself in my Halloween collections, especially this upcoming collection which I cannot wait to reveal.

Spoopy? I think yes.

2. Small World, Big Imagination:

If you're a huge Disney fan then you know all about the D23 Expo. Sadly I didn't get to attend this year but I am so inspired by all the amazing cosplay, artwork, and even products that came out of this expo. It definitely makes me want to do more disneybounding and make more things that are Disney inspired. I am beyond excited for Besame Cosmetics new Snow White and Agent Carter lines that are being released this Fall, that of course are vintage inspired! With all the new art being released from the expo, I had to see what some of my favorite artists came up with. I got Joey Chou's Peter Pan piece, which I had to since it had the London skyline in it, oh and Peter as well. Of course, there was one thing I did snag when it came to Wonderground Gallery the following Monday: Jerrod Maruyama's Small World tumbler. This very cute tumbler features Jerrod's new piece "The Happiest Cruise" with a rose gold lid & straw.

Look at it! It's so cute I can't even (read this dramatically please).

I have a thing for tumblers and gold (see Kate Spade's white with gold polka dots tumbler that I currently posess), and when I saw it, I had to have it. The colors used in the actual artwork are some of my favorites, with light pastels and of course gold from the Small World facade. I love seeing artists' interpretations of some of our favorite Disney movies and rides and how much it inspires me to create and have fun in the process.

3. Forget 50 Shades Of Grey, Pink's In Charge:

Since I am considered a millennial (I guess), I hate the connotation that comes with that label. I mean I get it, some of us are instagramming everything instead of living in the moment or being known as a lazy workforce, using computers instead of our hands. There are always going to be those extremes but I strive to be different in some ways than others. But one thing that has caught my eye is a certain color that pops up on alot of people's feed: pink. buzzfeed did an interesting article about finding "millennial pink".

This calls for a road trip! Any volunteers?

As a fashion designer I found this article to be amusing and fascintating as well. Who knew that there were so many different shades of pink that could be considered this special shade? My personal favorites tend to have a bit of a peach undertone versus a magenta or purple undertone.

Some of the shades of pink in my life/work...

What shade of millennial pink is your favorite?

4. Office/Bedroom Space:

Every few years I get an itch that I need to scratch, and that is to redecorate. The last time I redecorated was back in 2014, with freshly painted walls, new carpeting, and new decor from Ikea. I revamped my sewing space as well, with a brand new table and pink storage boxes that complemented the gingham and lace curtains that hung over the windows.

Speaking of millennial pink...

I've been adding new things here and there, like sketches and images that inspire me but I really feel the need to just start fresh. I've been looking through Pinterest and adding things to my office/bedroom inspiration board, which mixes different aspects of my aesthetic. I love mixing vintage with modern, whether it's vintage photos with modern rose gold frames (see, I have a major thing with gold and rose gold), or a comteporary table with frilly metal doily plates. Once I get to redecorating I'll make a special post about the process so be sure to stay tuned!

5. Wonderlusting Over You:

It's been nearly two years since my birthday trip to London. It was my first trip by myself and one I will never forget, or ever stop talking about (sorry haha). There's one more itch I need to scratch as well: to travel more. What can I say, I'm a very itchy person. My wonderlust came at a very young age and I don't plan on it to stop. I've been obsessed over visiting Spain, Morocco and Portugal, thanks to shows like El Tiempo Entre Costuras and Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and movies like Only Lovers Left Alive only exacerbate my need to vacation there. I've also spent a great deal of nights watching Youtubers' vlogs and my favorite ones are when they travel, especially to Japan. Japn mixes the old with the new, with shrines and lush parks mixed into large cityscapes. And well, I also want to recreate the beginning of The Killers music video for Read My Mind at Shibuya crossing because why not? And of course like every hopeless romantic out there, I want, no need, to visit Paris. Fashion capital: check. Old buildings: check. Macarons: double check. I mean who wouldn't want to go right?


And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time!

♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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