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Modern Or Vintage? Why Not Both?

What describes your personal style? Are you edgy? Do you follow the latest trends religiously? Or are you a trendsetter? Are you into a certain era? Do you wear reproduction or do you stalk your favorite vintage stores and thrift shops for the real thing? When my fascination for vintage style first started, I didn't really know where to start.

Ah yes, that weird emo-vintage phase,,,those were the days...

I think I started where most pin-ups start: the 1950's. At the time, most vintage reproduction stores sold only 50's or bad costumey 1920's flappers dresses, I stuck with the 1950's. Of course, with all things, this did not come cheap. Dresses were $150 and up, so I mixed hints of vintage with my modern clothes. Since this was 10 years ago I didn't have the resources I have now like Instagram to inspire me and show me how seamlessly other pin-ups made modern vintage work.

When you want Katy's style on a non-existing high schooler budget...this album helped start it all.

Since the clothes I wanted were a bit out of reach for a high schooler, I started experimenting with my hair. I bought a vintage hairstyling book (you guys know the one) and I played with pin curls, rollers, victory rolls and pompadours (just imagine a girl with a vintage hairdo with a band tee and boot cut jeans.) Once I graduated high school and went to fashion school, everything changed.

Here I played with flower accesories and makeup, oh and shadows...

Mixing a bit of vintage with modern clothing

My Theda Bara inspired 1920's look...this one was fun to do

I chose to pursue a degree in fashion design, and no joke, everyone who attended that school looked like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. I was so enamored with all the latest trends these other students wore and tried to encoporate that modern look into my design aesthetic and my own personal style. Still, it didn't feel right to me. I wanted to make modern clothes that were subtly inspired by the past, but the more I tried, the more it leaned toward vintage clothing. There was a point in these couple of years that I struggled with "modern vintage". My personal style also reflected this; I loved how sleek and edgy modern clothes could be but still maintaining that femininity that I sought from vintage clothing. Me being a big history buff and a bit of a purist for historical costume, I decided that if I wanted to wear vintage clothing, it had to look authentic if it wasn't at least 60 years old.


Or vintage?


Or vintage?

So what to do? The best thing anyone can do is experiment. I know there are some wonderful vintage fashionistas out there that stick to just wearing one era specifically. And there are others who just dabble in a bit of vintage and they look fantastic doing it. Don't let your insecurities get in the way of how you dress like I did. I always worried about what people would think, like "she doesn't look very vintage" or "she's trying too hard". You'll get to a point where you just don't care anymore and you wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin. Always keep in mind that you should dress for yourself and not for others. As for me, I'm still trying to get out of that "it has to be one way or the other" state of mind, but the most important thing to take away from this post is to just have fun with what you wear.

A bit of modern...

A lot of vintage...

Hints of retro...

Can't rock vintage without a bit of red lipstick♡

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time!

♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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