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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately: August/September 2017

Hello again my lovely readers! Since I didn't do a FTIML post for August, I decided to mesh it together with September's FTIML. There is a bit of a theme here so let's see if you can catch it lol. Alrighty then let's get started!

1. Falling For Color:

In Southern California, we don't get the typical autumn weather or gorgeous fall foliage that the East Coast gets. We still get our coffee iced and scarves don't enter the equation until mid November. The first day of fall is around 85 degrees, which makes cool weather much desired for this autumn baby but not all is lost. Many of us start breaking out our fall staples as soon as September 1st. Sure we're sweating more than a pumpkin on Halloween but it's nice to wear our favorite autumn pieces once again. Funny enough, most of my closet consists of cardigans, pullover sweaters, long skirts and long sleeved tops.

All the brooding!

Usually I stick to my favorite seasonal colors like mustard and oxblood. Whether it be something I make or wear for the season, I love to use those colors. Even though they tend to be a bit darker, they don't fail to make a bold statement.

An old school project that I really need to make again...

A color that I'm recently adding to the mix is in the burnt orange/terra cotta/rust color family. These colors look amazing as velvet dresses or tweed coats, or my personal favorites, skater skirts. If you've seen Premier Amour's Instagram feed lately, you'll notice the color being used a bit more often on projects. I'm hoping to have some material left over from my projects to make myself something for the season. Tell me, what shades do you love to wear for fall?

2. Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice:

Speaking of Instagram, one of latest stories featured something a little bit...spicy. Yes it's that time again for PUMPKIN SPICE. My obsession started very young, with IHOP's harvest pancakes, and at that point I knew...I was a basic. I'm just kidding, but y'all don't even know how much I love this stuff. It brings up so many good memories and thoughts of fall and the holidays, how could I not get excited for the stuff? Lucky for me I get to have the pumpkin spice latte year round thanks to Disneyland (well California Adventure) but for the so-called "official" PSL from Starbucks, I literally smiled ear to ear with the news that some Starbucks were releasing the coveted drink a few days early. Sure enough they had it and it was, like always, delicious.

The Great Pumpkin (Spice Latte) is back!

My love for the spice doesn't end there, oh no, not by a long shot. I stalk my favorite stores to see what new pumpkin flavored things they brought out for this season. I always get the coffee creamer or spiced almonds, but this year I'm trying more spiced goodies.

World Market Pumpkin Hot Cocoa is so good! And pumpkin marshmallows make it even better...

The PS Cheerios and PS wafers are new to me this year but I was delighfully surprised. I also plan to try some new PS ice cream and the pumpkin chai tea as well (I swear this is not sponsored, I promise.) I can go on and on about the stuff, I really can, but my love for pumpkin spice is mostly for nostalgia's sake, but the taste makes it a billion times better.

If it were made of pumpkin spice, and there were no cameras, I'd take a bite...

3. Bob(s), Not Robert:

One of my favorite fall staples isn't an accessory, it's a certain hairstyle: the bob! Sure, long hair can keep you warmer during the upcoming cold weather but I always associate the bob with fall and winter. I cut my hair shorter around this time of year, but not too short just in case I, um, change my mind. To make a not so permanent look, I use tight sponge rollers (like perm rollers) or pin curls to make my hair the desired length I want by tucking in the ends under my faux bob.

I must, I must do it.

I love to pair the hairstyle with a cloche or floppy hat, dark red dramatic lips, smoky eyeliner, and my favorite trench coat, almost as a bit of a nod to Greta Garbo iconic look.

If I feel a little more adventurous, I pin curl my entire hair, soak it in setting lotion and attempt a fingerwave, which has, once or twice, worked. My hair is short once again, and it's the perfect length for my Halloween costume this year. Want a hint? Here it is:


4. Cold As Marble:

When it comes to home decor, this millenial is obsessed with two things: rose gold and marble. Marble has been a staple in home decor since ancient times, but now it's been given a new life, You can see it on pillows, stationary, plates, candles, party supplies and more. Of course the marble table is still in, but if you're like me, you can't just drop 3,000 on just any pretty thing that catches your eye (although I'd really, really, really want to).

Rose gold AND marble? Sign me up!

My birthday IS coming up, just sayin'...

So for quick diy, get some marbled contact paper from Amazon, and use that stuff to cover any desired surface!

They have so many to choose from!

There's a dresser I have that is in desperate need of a revamp, and what's better than marble to zhoosh it up? I'll make sure to post about it on the blog when it's done so make sure to check back to see how it turned out!

5. 'Tis The Season...Almost:

All this talk about Halloween and fall is making me nuts! I am so kidding but since my last four favorite months of the year are here, it's time to plan ahead. I'm starting to think about things I can make for the holidays, but somehow I always manage to run out of time. Here are some diy's I did last year:

A Halloween wreath

Flower crowns

And Christmas sugar cookies!

On my diy to-do list is a 1950's inspired wreath, with little vintage deer and retro ornaments. Also on that list is to make a Christmas village full of handmade mid-century putz houses. But how about Thanksgiving? I usually count what ever fall activities I do as Thanksgiving activites since all I ready make around that time are baked goods. Something that has been on my to-do list for a very long time is to throw a 1920's Gatsby inspired party for New Year's Eve. That means coupe glasses, art deco decorations and lots and lots of silver and gold. But this season is so much more meaningful with loved ones, so I'm looking forward to that the most. What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time!

♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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