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You'll Just DIY Over This: A Craft Project

Hello my spoopy readers! One of the best times of the year is back! Yes my birthday is I'm just kidding it's Halloween witches and I'm trying something new on the blog: a DIY project. Sure it sounds scary but I promise you it's fun, easy, and simple and it will spoopyfy your home (yes, spoopy is a word). Alright let us get on our scary way!

This DIY was inspired by a Halloween item I saw at Target, To be more specific, a Victorian cloche (or bell jar) terrarium. Since I didn't want to shell out 20 bucks for it, I decided to make it, and so can you for half the price!


It was hard to walk away, it really was...but sometimes you just need to diy it.

Here are the supplies you'll need for this diy:

-Halloween cloche jar (I actually got it for 7 bucks at Target haha)

-Artificial moss

-Various artificial flowers and leaves of darker hues

-Branches (I used fake ones)

-Plastic bones

-Hot glue gun and gluesticks

-Heavy duty scissors or wirecutters

And here's how to make it:

1. First take your moss and start shaping it so that it fits the base of the jar. Make sure you pat it down as well so that the moss doesn't take up all the space in the jar.

2. Once you're satisfied with the shape, use your hot glue gun and carefully glue it to the base.

3. Once the moss is glued down (and the glue has cooled down), trim it down.

Once you're done, it should look like this:

4.Now it's time to add leaves and branches. This helps provide a background of sorts for terrarium.

Started with a branch...

And now we're here...see what I did there?

5. Next, you're going to start adding the flowers you want.

I added a black thistle and its leaves to add a twinge of melancholy. Then I balanced it out with some more "colorful" flora. This is starting to sound like a witches' spell isn't it?

6. Last but not least, add some bones!

This is my final result. If you need to add any extra leaves or flowers or even moss, go for it until you reached your desired effect.

And here is the finished product! Let your spooky Victorian-inspired cloche terrarium mingle with the rest of your fabulously eerie decor. I hope you enjoyed this fun diy and if you do make your own, I'd love to see it!

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time!

♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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