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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately: End of Year Round-up

Happy New Year loves! How were your holidays? I felt it went by too fast but nonetheless, it was filled with wonderful memories with family, friends, and cats. The holidays were a busy time at work and with some downtime coming up, it's time to get back into new projects and new blog posts. I didn't get a chance to write the last three FTIML's so I'll do a bit of what inspired me each month and a couple of things that have been inspiring me these past few days.

1. October:

The month of October was filled to the brim with spooky inspiration goodness. I made a few trips to Disneyland and California Adventure to check out what they had in store for the Halloween season. I immmersed myself in all the beautiful decor and yummy seasonal offerings both parks offered.

Trying not to get scared by Jack again...

Candy corn macaron? Sign me up!

Spiced bundt cake with a PSL: yummmmm

Teared up just seeing this...little did I know this was just the beginning of it

I had a very unexpected surprise this month too: I got a new kitten! Initially we were worried our one-year-old cat would not be very fond of him, but she's getting used to him. With Halloween not too far away, it inspired me to make two costumes for my cats, themed around a vintage circus. Our oldest threw a tantrum so our little one filled in for both clown and lion.

What a trooper!

He deserves all the treats

2. November:

Fall Dapper Day took place the first week of November, which you can bet inspired me and future projects I want to take on. Anyway, me being the procrastinator that I am, I made my outfit and accessories a week before. Since I worked that Saturday, I didn't have time to make myself anything for that day, which luckily helped me so I could focus all my energy on the main event, er I mean the main outfit. Since Dapper Day takes place at Disneyland, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to Disneybound in vintage-inspired garb. I went with one of my favorite characters from the park, The Haunted Mansions' Madame Leota, but with a 1930's twist.

Channeling my inner tightrope girl from the stretching portraits...

I made the dress and turban, hand painted and decorated my paper parasol, and sadly not shown (because it fell off), a stand for my "crystal ball" purse. This had to be one of my favorite Dapper Days since I got to spend the day with amazing people, with every one dressed in their vintage best and just having a blast in my Dapper bound. If ever there was a time to go to Disneyland, it would be on one of these days; you can people watch on Main Street, partake in the event by dressing up, and just gush over how amazing people's outfits are. It was, without a doubt, an wonderful day.

My bound worked!

I also made my friend's Jamine bound dress!

Home sweet home, I mean tomb sweet tomb...

3. December:

December was in a word: exhausting. With full time hours, this part-time girl was winded and tired after her shifts. But that's okay! I made it in one piece and I did get to enjoy a bit of time with my loved ones. Luckily I did manage to strike up some inspiration to decorate, bake and, create for Christmas. My favorite project of the season was a quick, vintage-inspired diy wreath with materials found at Target. I bought a pre-lit bottlebrush wreath, and added pink bottlebrush trees and a 1950's inspired pink deer to complete the retro look.

So deliciously retro

I also celebrated my BFF's birthday at the end of the month in Downtown L.A. We had lunch at Bottega Louie and took pictures in front of their famous macaron trees. We walked down to The Last Bookstore and of course, I took a lot of pictures. I wish I would have taken pictures of our way there because some of these buildings are absolutely beautiful in their art deco splendor. Lastly, we visited Little Damage, known for their black ice cream and cones to match. I was delightfully surprised to find out the flavor was caramel coffee, with a yummy cone to boot.

Slobbering rn, brb...

There's a macaron tower behind me, isn't there?


The decor here though...

I know bruh, it's a tunnel of books... I'm amazed too

My soul in one picture

4. Flowers On Crowns? I Prefer Stars:

I, without a doubt, love New Year's Eve. There's just something romantic about it, and it transports me to another era. I can just imagine vintage revelers in their finest clothes, with silver, gold, and black as their color motif. I also imagine women with gorgeous accesories, which brings me to one of my favorite accessories for NYE, star crowns. This is the time of year where I, as well as many of you, like to bring out celestial themed items like earrings, necklaces and tiaras. I think most of us are inspired by that one famous movie still of Hedy Lamarr from the movie Ziegfeld Girl.

Yup, THAT picture.

The whole look just screams NYE, with the outfit being covered from head to toe, in stars. It's so glamorous, I mean how can you not fall in love with this look? Lately I've been obsessed with finding something similar to channel my inner Hedy, and thanks to some tips from other pin-ups, I looked on Ebay. I honestly thought I wasn't going to find anything there, but lo and behold, I found what I was looking for.

I found this!

AND this!

I also found plenty of earrings to match! Why I slept on Ebay I don't know, but that's where I'm getting my accessories from now on.

5. (Not Yet) Spring Cleaning:

New year, new me am I right? Some embrace this, others just roll their eyes. I like to set doable goals instead of hard set resolutions. Something that I really want to do this year is to get rid of things I don't need and give my room/workspace a bit of a makeover. As much as I love vintage, I'm saving my vintage house makeover for when I get my own place. No, I'm a millennial and I love rose gold, marble, and anything with gold accents. If you've seen my Pinterest board, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Every millennial's dream right?

I've talked a little bit about this in past FTIML's, but I really want to see this through and change up my room. I feel like it will help me get my creative flow out and not make me feel so pent up. No, just me? Well, here's hoping I can make this happen. If you have any decorating/feng shui ideas that will help me out, please let me know!

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time!

♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour

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