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(Wonder)Con Artist: WonderCon 2018 & Merch

This past weekend I got to attend my very second Wondercon and brought my dad, who has never been to it before. Thanks to him, I grew up knowing about comic books and superheroes, oh and Star Wars, of course. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing people cosplaying their favorite characters and talking to all the amazing artists there, but this is definitely more his scene, but I'm more than happy to go to cons with him (and rep my own fandom as well.)

Where my Sherlockians at?

I.O.U. a better selfie...

It's always amazing seeing everyone cosplay, especially as some of my favorite characters. Me being a creative person, I get so inspired by how much work they put into their costumes, so much so that I might just have to dress up for next year.

Ummm can I borrow your cape Director Krennic?

Guess what song they were playing in the background...just guess...

My absolute favorite cosplay of the whole convention.

The first time I attended WonderCon, I honestly didn't think I was going to spend very much money, but I was wrong. There are some of the most talented artists that set up shop at the Artists' Alley, how could I not indulge in their art? First up, I bought an oh-so-adorable Paris print from Josey Tsao. Her illustrations of cityscapes and skylines of places like London and Paris immediately got my attention, but her illustrations of scenes from Studio Ghibli movies are not to be passed up.

Next, I bought two 1940's style Peggy Carter/Captain America posters from the very talented Al Abbazia. I mean they look like they came straight out of the 40's and they have Agent Carter on them, and when I saw them, I had to have them. I'm thinking they would go great in my future house, *sigh* someday.

I knew I had to stop by my coworker Alex Iniguez's booth and get the Sherlock drawing he made from last year. He is an incredibly talented artist who works as a Disney sketch artist and I get to see in person how he creates.

I next visited a stall that had alot of different collectibles that had the classic Universal monsters on them and piles of movie posters. The poster for The Big Sleep with Bogey and Bacall caught my eye, but I looked through the piles of posters and went with the giant movie poster for Gilda, for my someday future home, of course. I quickly glanced over and saw a very cute retro looking Halloween pin from Creepy Co., which I had to have as well. I loved this booth so much and I wish I could have taken more, but I'll have to wait until next year's Con.

One of the last booths I bought somethings from was from the Maiden Voyage Clothing booth, which specializes in merch with interesting subjects like cryptozoology and extraterrestrials. I've been fascinated with the paranormal and stuff like this, and when I saw all the patches they had with different cryptids, it really took me a lot to not buy all of the patches. I ended up with a Flatwoods monster patch, a Yeti patch, and their Lucky Travel Patch. I will be easily spending most of my paychecks on their merch from now on. I kid, I kid...kind of.

If you have the chance to visit WonderCon next year, please do. It's nothing short of fun and inspiring for fans and admirers alike. Oh, and bring plenty of money, just in case.

***P.S. please stay tuned this whole week for a very special announcement. 1st hint: It has to do with creating.***

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