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Dream House! A(n Imaginary) Tour

If you read my last post, you'll know I found alot of goodies at WonderCon for my future home. I'm not looking for my own place anytime soon, but I like to daydream about my future home. I've lived in an apartment for most of my life, and honestly, I like how cozy they are. Don't get me wrong though, if you offered me a free house, I'd gladly take that too.

So have you ever dreamnt about what your dream house would look like? When I was younger, I wanted a Spanish style hacienda house with a gorgeous courtyard. I wanted something like the Avila Adobe in L.A.

Oooooh dreamy...and supposedly haunted?

But after seeing the famous John Sowden house in movies and vintage-inspired photoshoots, I knew I found my dream home (also located in L.A.)

Crying at this beauty rn, brb

It doesn't matter to me if I end up with an apartment or a house, I just really want to decorate the hell out of it. I've been inspired by Art Deco and Art Moderne (also known as Streamline Moderne), and I would want to turn my living space into something the Imagineers at Disney did to Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.

One of the reasons why I love DCA...oh and the food, of course.

I want furniture that looks similar to that but with a bit of a modern twist, of course. Even though I don't like to drink, I really want a bar cart. They're charming and add the perfect touch to an Art Deco themed home.

Could become a coffee cart, am I right?

A 1940's inspired home cannot be complete without a rotary phone or a cathedral radio, right?

I think this is starting to turn into a wishlist post...

I technically have one, but it's programmed to some spooky tunes, because it's a Halloween radio lol

And to top it off, this candle from

Surprising but delightful find!

But how about the kitchen? I want my future kitchen to look like it came out of Edward Hoppers' Nighthawks.

Need to recreate this scene someday...

I would definitely need a retro fridge, toaster, oh, and a Smeg coffee kettle.




Earlier this year I bought some Kate Spade mugs from the Order's Up collection just so that they would go with my future home.

Kind of counting my chickens before they hatch, but I had to have them.

And how about the bedroom? I'm thinking something an Old Hollywood starlet would love to come home to after filming.

Can you see it?


This is only a little bit of what I have in mind for my future home. Hopefully someday I will do a real home tour and show you guys how it turned out. Tell me, what does your dream home look like? Let me know!

***P.S. please stay tuned this whole week for a very special announcement. 2nd hint: Bisou bisou.***

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