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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately: April 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of FTIML. This month has been jam-packed with plenty of inspiration and I had to share so let's get right into it!

1. Dapper Dan(i):

I've been looking forward to April for the past couple of years because a very special event rolls around that you know this vintage-loving girl cannot miss. You know I'm talking about Dapper Day! If you haven't heard of Dapper Day, it's an event that's held at the resort twice a year: Spring Dapper Day is held somewhere in late April-early May and Fall Dapper Day is held on the first weekend of November. I like to coordinate my Disneybounds with the season; so for this Spring Dapper Day I bounded as a 1930's Merlin on Saturday and on Sunday I bounded as a 1950's Queen of Hearts.

I had the idea for my Merlin bound right after last Fall's Dapper Day. What can I say? I like to plan in advance. Originally this bound was going to be my Sunday look and I was going to bound as another Disney character, but then I started looking through Ebay and I found a really cute Baroque inspired crown, and it was then and there that I had to get it to bound as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, but with a bit of a twist.

I like to think of my Dapper Day outfits as two spinning wheels, (like the ones on game shows) one with eras and another with Disney characters. So I spun the imaginary wheel and picked the 1930's for my Sword and the Stone bound. I got a cage purse for my Art Deco inspired Archimedes and used an authentic 1930's pattern for my hat. For my Queen bound, I was a little stuck, but then I perused my Pinterest boards and combined Gwen Stefani's look from her What You Waiting For music video and dresses designed by Charles James. His signature dresses were incredibly popular during the 1950's, and I wanted to bring a little of his influence into my dress.

I was so in love with this video as a tween

Isn't it dreamy?

I also made some custom pieces for my friends for our Dapper Wonderland group. I made a Golden Afternoon collar, featuring the bread-and-butterflies from the scene, a rabbit ear fascinator for our White Rabbit of the group, and a 50's inspired dress for the Alice of our group. I somehow managed to make 3 outfits, 4 accessories, and many rose clips in a week, and boy was I tired after it all. But the important thing was that we had fun and I got to share in some of my friends' first Dapper Day, and I'm glad we all got to share this fun weekend.

2. Habana, Ooh Na- Na:

One of my dream destinations to visit has to be Cuba. The culture, the food, the buildings and the music has been inspiring me so much as of late that I try to find ways to emulate being in La Habana. I try to make my coffee a la Cubana, with Cafe Bustelo, of course. Here and there, you can find me moving to some amazing music from the Golden Age of Cuba. And don't even get me started on the food. I love going to places like Bella Cuba and Bakery Habana here in the O.C. and trying some mind blowing food and desserts (because this girl has a big sweet tooth.) As a Mexican myself, it's amazing to experience another Latin American culture and see how similar our cultures are, as well as trying things that are a bit different than what I am used to (plantains: dessert or savory side dish? hmmm.) If I had the chance to visit Cuba, you can bet I would take it. Well, does anyone have an extra ticket?

Nothing like un cafecito to make the day a bit better...

3. Painting With The Colors Of The Wind:

I'm fortunate to have a job where I ge to meet many different people from different places and backgrounds and careers. Here and there, I get to help out artists with signings and I get to talk to them and learn a little about their process (even though I'm incredibly shy.) This month I got to talk to one of my favorite artists, Ann Shen. I've been a fan of her art for a while now and I finally got the chance to meet her in person. I got to talk to her about her new book and about her NPR interview. I was inspired by her story and learning about how she took a chance to just go for it and become a full-time artist and very recently paid off her student loans with her first book. I found out she used to be a CM like me and she even designed the student planners I used back at FIDM and the student carnival invitations which I still have (ahh!). I'm just awestruck by artists and designers who take a risk and just go for it and become their own boss. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a mindset of "well if I do go for it, I have to do this and I have to go there and I have to talk to so and so and do things out of my comfort zone", but talking to Ann has started to reset my mindset and just try things that maybe I haven't before. I mean I started taking my first wholesale orders this year and entered into a competition that I might not even be a finalist for but who cares? I took a chance and it's true what they say: you'll never know if you never try. I would just like to thank Ann Shen and others like her, and definitely all the girlbosses out there who inspire people like me to just go for it and take a chance. Even if it is just baby steps, those steps might just get you somewhere.

You know your girl loves two things: Fashion...

and sugar!

4. We Wants The Red Head:

I finally did it. I became a red head. Well, I've been a red head before, with shades ranging from auburn to cherry red, but I've never had copper hair. Oh, I've tried to become a nice shade of David Bowie red, well orange, using box dyes, but you know box dyes won't get you there. I did what I had to do to get my ideal shade, which meant using...bleach! It fried my hair something fierce the first time I used it and I was just not too sure about using it again.

One of my last moments of being a brunette...just kidding, but it was a little after this was taken

To try and avoid any, or all of my hair falling out, I only left it in for half of the recommended time. I enlisted help from my sister, and we went for it. The first time we bleached it, it came out a nice tortoiseshell yellow...and brown...and honey brown. I waited 24 hours to go back in and fix any patches that I had, but I got so paranoid about my hair falling out that I left it in for 15 minutes. The results were a bit better and I decided to go for the copper. My first attempt at the copper was again, patchy, so I went in again and fixed it. So it only took me 4 attempts in 3 days to get the color I wanted lol. I would definitely recommend that you visit a salon instead of going the diy route. Well I am a major diy-er so I couldn't resist. And the results?

Not too shabby.

5. Appreciation Time! :

March was Premier Amour's 5th anniversary, or birthday, and I am just amazed at all the things I've made for others and how much my customers have enjoyed their Premier Amour originals. I love the process of making everything by hand, but one of my favorite steps has to be shipping. Why shipping you might ask? I love the process of wrapping the orders up, making them look like a present with my signature gold and pink tassels, wrapped up with a pink satin ribbon. Then I find out where I'm shipping the order to. I've sent orders as close to me as Santa Ana, California, to places like England and Singapore. It gets me thinking that my designs are somewhere around the world being enjoyed by a person I've never met. They are making memories in one of my pieces, and that has been a part of my design philosophy from the beginning; not only did I want to make clothing and accessories that were reminiscent of the past, but I wanted my customer to create wonderful memories in my designs. I can just see one of my blouses being seen on the streets of London or the shores of Malta, but either way, it makes me happy to know someone out there is wearing my designs.

One of my very first international orders!

This one went to the O.C...

And this one went to Hollywood ♡

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time! ♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour Follow Premier Amour through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and make sure to join our mailing list!