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Heavenly Bodies: Inspiration Galore

Unless the fashion world isn't your kind of thing, you'd know last night was the first Monday in May. What does that mean? It's the Met Gala of course! Every year, the Met Gala has a theme to go with the current exhibit at the Met. This year's theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, would be nothing short of controversial.

Growing up in a Mexican Catholic household, my childhood was spent looking at some beautiful, at times scarily realistic religious iconography. I was awestruck by the sumptuousness of cathedrals and churches, and fascinated by all the statues and paintings I could find in there. I would spend hours upon hours reading about saints and their lives. This also sparked a morbid fascination with relics and looking at all the preserved bodies of saints that can be found in some churches. In college I remember designing a line inspired by Lady Gaga's "Bloody Mary", in which the lyrics, as well as the history and imagery of the Catholic church, helped the line come to fruition.

Still fascinated as an adult...

Last night's Met Gala's theme had to be one of my favorites in a long time. And although some looks were borderline sacrilegious, I'm just going to focus on the beauty of the looks at the Gala and the adherence to the theme. So let's get right into some of my favorite looks of the night, as well as some looks that reminded me of their outfits.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This Dolce & Gabbana look is just missing a mantilla and SJP would easily fit in Spain. Her look also reminds me of the beautiful figures of the Madonna on the floats that would be on parade at Nativity or Easter. The golds and reds are eye catching to say the least, and the headpiece is just the cherry on top of an amazing look.

Does this look a tiny bit familiar? *cough cough Dapper Day*

Lana Del Rey

This Gucci outfit takes inspiration from Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, with a literal eye mask inspired by St. Lucy. Maybe one of the more iffy looks of the night controversy-wise, but I can't help but to love this entire look. Lana looks like she stepped straight out of a Renaissance painting, feather halo and sacred heart and all. And the mask? If you read up on your saints' history, you'll get the reference. I think this has to be my second favorite look of the night. Which one was number 1? Stay tuned.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This look went under the radar for me, but when I looked at Rosie's outfit a little closer, it's simple yet ethereal, which makes it incredibly beautiful. The Ralph Lauren gown is gorgeous on its own, but she wore a literal halo, which made the whole look.

The Queen herself wearing a gilded look from Jean Paul Gaultier

Blake Lively

Blake's Versace gown is in a few words, jaw-droppingly stunning. Her dress looks like medieval robes restyled into a modern gown, with intricate gold embroidering and beading. Oh, and going with the theme of other looks, this could not be complete without a sunburst halo.

Ariana Grande

This angelic gown worn by Ariana has Vera Wang's signature style and silhouette, but it's the fabric with "The Last Judgement" by Michelangelo printed on it that is the real scene stealer. The mix of the light colors of the painting with the colors of the tulle definitely fits the heavenly theme.

Going with the theme, here's an Alexander McQueen outfit made a few years before.

Cardi B

I mean, just wow. This Jeremy Scott look made Cardi B have a celestial glow about her (well she's also expecting her first child, so go figure!) The gown has intricate beading, including hundreds of pearls, stones and beads, with a taffeta train reminiscent of papal robes. The headdress she wears slightly reminds me of the Russian Kokoshnik, which is nonetheless beautiful too.

I feel like Dita would have, without a doubt, slayed the theme if she went to the Gala...

And here is my absolute favorite look of the night:


Zendaya wore a Joan of Arc gown from Atelier Versace that fit the night's theme to a T. Joan of Arc is not only a saint, but a feminist hero who fought for what she believed in, and who wouldn't want to dress like her. The designers of this gown were incredibly imaginative, using fabrics that look like chain mail and armor to get the look just right without looking costumey. She looks ready for battle, and this looked completely slayed, including this girl (no pun intended.)

Florence having a Joan of Arc moment here too.

Besides the Oscars, this is one night that I look forward to every year. It's interesting to see what designers come up with for their celebrity muses, and this year's theme was nothing short of interesting. I'm already lookiing forward to next year's theme. Tell me, which look was your favorite?

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