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Just Another L.A. Devotee...

Over these past few months, I took some "time off" from creating for Premier Amour and instead focused on myself and my personal branding, for after all I am the face of my own company. If you have been following @mypremieramour on Instagram, you've seen a glipse into my lifestyle and my aesthetic. I want Premier Amour to be more than just a clothing line, but a brand, well, maybe a lifestyle as well. I mean who else is going to usher in a new era of Premier Amour but me? While I'll still post lifestyle pictures on Instagram, you'll be able to find the inspiration behind the photo here on the blog as well as reading about the adventure itself and additional pictures (and maybe bloopers) that didn't make the cut. This month I spent an entire day hopping all over different spots in Los Angeles, checking out places that I've never been to before. I want to bring you along on this L.A. adventure and hopefully it will inspire you to go on your own excursion. Let's get started!

Earlier this month, my dear friend and fellow adventure seeker Brittney and I planned a whole day to go to different spots in L.A. that we've been wanted to see. I tend to just stick to Downtown L.A, so I've actually never visited any of these places before so I was up for anything. Our plan was to start on the West Coast, head to Hollywood, then to Wilshire, after to Echo Park, and end the day with Little Tokyo. Simple enough, right?

We started with Venice Beach, where a gorgeous mural of Lana Del Rey graced the façade of the very Art Deco Ellison Suites that we had to see for ourselves. Before that, I had to take a few pictures as my true serpent self in the alleyways. Who am I to waste the perfect backdrop for a South Side Serpent photoshoot à la Riverdale?

Who am I to waste a good background?

I then quickly changed into something that would make Born To Die era Lana very proud.

Our next stop was Rad Coffee, which happened to be on the boardwalk and only a few minutes' walk from the hotel.

Look at what we stumbled upon on our way there! Disney has nothing on this blue wall!

I ended up choosing the Cookie Monster drink, but the seasonal campfire drink was my favorite.

It's never too early for dessert right? It has coffee so it's technically breakfast...

Our next stop was to have a balanced meal of sushi with more sushi and a side of vinyl records. Yes, we headed to Hollywood to hit up my fave sushi place and the very famous Amoeba Music store. If you're a music lover you've most likely heard of this place, and if not, it's been featured as a place you need to visit while in L.A. I thought they would only have vinyls, but boy was I wrong.

I've always wanted my own vintage looking record player and a collection of my favorite albums on vinyl but I never really got into it. Funny enough, I got my first two records before I got my record player first so now it's on my wishlist. Can you guess which ones I got? If you know me well, it won't be too hard to guess.

We had timed tickets to the Yayoi Kusama installation at the Marciano Art Foundation, so we quickly headed over to Wilshire. While I'm not the biggest fan of modern art, I couldn't miss out on a Kusama exhibit, especially a polka dot themed one.

After a quick outfit change, we headed over to Echo Park. The lotuses were unfortunately closing, but there were an abundance of turtles swimming around the lake. The L.A. skyline could be seen from the park, which made for the perfect backdrop.

Our last stop in our L.A. day took us to Little Tokyo. I've been wanting to visit Little Tokyo for a while now. and it did not disappoint. There are stores, restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores galore with amazing goodies. I had to get some macarons because why not, as well as some treats at one of the little grocery stores there (I got more sugar, don't judge me!) I ended the night with a delicious matcha swirl taiyaki with a nutella surprise.

I got to visit so much of L.A., even some places that I have never been to before. It was one amazing experience I won't soon forget and hopefully there's another adventure to be had in L.A. soon enough. Stay tuned!

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for more fun posts! Till next time! ♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour Follow Premier Amour through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and make sure to join our mailing list!