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Five Things Inspiring Me Lately: Playing Catch-Up, Pt. 1

Hello dolls! Long time no see...or blog actually. It's been awhile since my last FTIML, like since last year, so I'm going to fill you in on what went on the last half of 2018. I will be splitting this post in two, each featuring four months, so it will be more like eight things inspiring me. Well that's enough of my rambling, let's get started with FTIML!

1. May:

Like most of you, I had Royal Wedding fever in May. I mean I wasn't super obsessed or anything like that, but it did give me mad nostalgia from my trip to London back in 2015. I even made two posts, So, You're Going To London: Part 1 and So, You're Going to London: Part 2 if you want to read all about my adventures and maybe inspire your own trip overseas.

Living my best geeky life in London

Later in May, I got to visit the Huntington Library for the first time ever. It was love at first sight. This place is undoubtedly huge, with sprawling gardens as far as the eye can see. There are themed gardens, art collections, restaurants, a gift shop (my fave), a botantical garden, and of course, a library. I only walked half of the gardens since it's huge (go figure), but what I did see, I loved. I mean how can you not get inspired by such beauty, being surrounded by nature in all of its glory? Pictures won't do this place justice so I highly recommend visiting it if you're ever in the L.A. area.

My favorite selfie of 2018

One of many food photos to come...

2. June:

With another hot California summer in full bloom, I experimented with looks that would flatter my freshly touched up red hair. I played with a sixties/Born to Die-era Lana Del Rey look for these looks:

And a fun French-inspired look for these pictures:

I took my style to the Disney Parks as well, having a little fun with some vintage silhouettes. The first look was an homage to where I was raised, as well drawing inspiration from vintage fruit ads of the 1930's and 1940's.

My second look revolved around a retro t-shirt I found at Zara. I thought I would pair it with a red pencil skirt, a black leather jacket, and gold hoops to create a 1950's bad girl look. Doesn't the look just scream truancy? Ha ha, but really stay in school kids.

For a particularly hot day in the parks, I went with one of my closet staples, a knit black maxi skirt, and paired it with a newly bought Mickey tee. It really did make all the difference while walking around on a hot summer day at Disney.

3. July:

My fourth of July was non-existent since I had to work, but hey, I at least got to see a free fireworks show. I did hit up the Disneyland a couple of days later for a delicious breakfast and cute outfit pics. Oh, and did I mention it was also the hottest day of the year for SoCal? How I managed to keep all of my makeup on my face, I will never know.


Playing it cool even though it was 117 degress that day...

Even looking at this picture is making me sweat

You know what's the best cure for a sweltering day? A swim.

And yes, I did take a dip after these were taken.

And since it's way too hot for hearty comfort food, the food of choice for the season had to be sushi. I wore the same combination from last month to dinner with a different tee for a guaranteed comfortable, yet stylish look for a warm summer night.

One of my favorite highlights from this month had to be an amazing opportunity I had the chance of taking for free. I got to visit the apartment in which Walt Disney oversaw the construction of Disneyland; he lived, slept, and entertained guests in this tiny apartment above the Main Street Fire Station. When you do first step into the apartment, you can smell, see, and feel the nostalgia. The carpeting, the decor, the appliances were just utterly charming and felt like they haven't changed since the 1950's. I couldn't believe this tiny apartment once housed the man who created a legacy that still continues to this day, inspiring many, including me to follow their dreams.

4. August:

In August I got to spend a whole day in L.A. visiting places I've never been before. I mostly knew the downtown area of L.A., so places like Venice Beach and Little Tokyo were brand new to me. Read all about my day trip in my post Just Another L.A. Devotee...

I'm a bad mama jama

A photo years in the making...

I spent most of August working on the upcoming Halloween collection that was being released in September. I was never too busy to pass up on a delicious breakfast though. Since this was a month of firsts, I went to my first breakfast at the very luxe Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel. This place is dripping with Old Hollywood vibes; this place makes you feel like you've stepped back in time, with huge portraits of celebrities of the golden era of Hollywood. It definitely takes after restaurants like the Brown Derby and Musso and Frank's. I felt like an incognito star, having breakfast in sunglasses trying not to get noticed by her fans. A girl can dream right?

I'd fit right in with Old Hollywood

Drooling yet?

And that's a wrap! Make sure to check the blog for part two coming soon! Till next time! ♡ - Daniela & Premier Amour Follow Premier Amour through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and make sure to join our mailing list!